The Vestry includes four officers (Senior warden, Junior Warden, a Treasurer, and a Clerk) and a total of 12 members who are elected by the parish. The Senior Warden is chosen by the Rector, the Junior Warden is elected by the Vestry. The primary responsibility of the Vestry is to be the legal representatives of the church, and to steward parish finances, parish buildings, and manage clergy relationships. Elections for the vestry are held at the Annual Parish Meeting, and members serve three year terms.

Vesty meetings are the third Monday of each month in the Parish Hall at 6:00 p.m.

Ken Gerrard – Senior Warden, Class of 2017

Ann Mebane Hine –¬†Junior Warden, Class of 2017

Nicole Barnes – Class of 2018

Margie Clark – Class of 2017

Linda Edsall-Huard – Class of 2018

Emilie Foy – Class of 2019


Chris Garrison – Class of 2019

Drew Grice – Class of 2018

Pete Mitchell – Class of 2019

Beth Saylors РClass of 2019

Kim Smith – Class of 2017

Dave Tayloe – Class of 2018