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As you look at the life of St. Stephen’s Church you can see that stewardship is an important aspect of our Christian ministry. We believe that the sharing of our time, talents and treasures is a real response to the grace that God has given us.

One of St. Stephen’s biggest undertakings is the renovation of our buildings and grounds. Over the past few years, our masonry has been re-mortared and cleaned, wooden tresses have been repaired or replaced and wrought iron fencing has being brought back to its original condition. We’ve got windows, painting and landscaping still to follow. And we’re excited! All of this is made possible by our strong church family using their gifts for God’s purposes.

Each fall, the stewardship committee heads up a pledge campaign. At this time all members and family units are encouraged to commit their offerings to the operations and missions of St. Stephen’s Church. These offerings fund the budget for the coming year.

Stewardship Campaign 2021 — “Committing to Care, and Creating Community”  

The St. Stephen’s 2021 stewardship campaign will serve to remind us that our faith community is still present, active, and invested in the lives of the parishioners at St. Stephen’s, and in the community, we call home. Community, care, and commitment describes both the church’s external mission to our city in these trying times but also its internal meaning for individual members of our congregation over the past year. As a congregation, it is time to look ahead to the coming year with hope and optimism, but also look back at how we have responded with our time and treasure to the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19.

Even as our sanctuary has stood empty, our staff and our people have done the work of St. Stephen’s in new and creative ways.

Please take a moment to download this year’s stewardship pledge card and prayerfully consider your support of St. Stephen’s in these uncertain times.

2021 St. Stephen’s Stewardship Pledge Card

Click here to pledge online.

Thank you for all that you have done, are doing, and will do for St. Stephen’s. This is a time to reaffirm that we will continue to care for our community and each other, whatever the future may hold.

If you would like further information regarding stewardship opportunities, please contact:

Todd Brantley