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As you look at the life of St. Stephen’s Church you can see that stewardship is an important aspect of our Christian ministry. We believe that the sharing of our time, talents and treasures is a real response to the grace that God has given us.

One of St. Stephen’s biggest undertakings is the renovation of our buildings and grounds. Over the past year, our masonry has been re-mortared and cleaned, wooden tresses have been repaired or replaced and wrought iron fencing has being brought back to its original condition. We’ve got windows, painting and landscaping still to follow. And we’re excited! All of this is made possible by our strong church family using their gifts for God’s purposes.

Each fall, the stewardship committee heads up a pledge campaign. At this time all members and family units are encouraged to commit their offerings to the operations and missions of St. Stephen’s Church. These offerings fund the budget for the coming year.
If you would like further information regarding stewardship opportunities, please contact:

• David Jackson, Renovation Chairman
• Lila Everett, Memorials Chairman
• John Hine, Endowment Chairman