ECW Ministries

The Episcopal Church Women (ECW Ministries) of St. Stephen’s is open to every female member of the church. The talents of all women can be put to use with this active group, which meets once a month. This group of women raises money from donations, a baked good sale at Thanksgiving, and proceeds from the Gift Shop. View our Calendar to see the next time the ECW will meet.

The women of our church will continue their ministry beginning September 1, 2018 under the new name of ECW Ministries. With input from our rector, members of the vestry, and chairmen of the previous Friendship Committee and Fellowship Committee, ECW Ministries will be comprised of all women of our church who have been and continue to be vital to the mission and ministry of serving our church family in times of celebration and need. In order to accomplish that mission, we have organized ourselves into 12 teams each with a team captain who has agreed to be the initial contact from Jan Cagle who will be notified by our rector, Ray Hanna, when a need is brought to his attention. The team captain will then engage the help of her team members to prepare a meal or assist with a parish activity such as a brunch or reception. If on occasion more help is needed, the next team on the rotation may also be asked to assist. Our hope is to draw more women into fellowship while spreading the responsibility among us all. We thank each of you in advance for sharing in this very important mission in the life of our church.
Mary Mills Borden, Jan Cagle, Judy Carpenter, Martie Saylors

The monies made from the fundraisers regularly support the meals that the Friendship Committee provides, the Rector’s Discretionary Fund, Women’s Shoe Fund, our Dillard School Project, Mission Trips and other outreach programs.
In the past the ECW has purchased robes for acolytes, restored photos at the church, and assisted with other improvements at St. Stephens.
The ECW is probably most known for hosting receptions- the group can always be found in the kitchen preparing for whatever event St. Stephen’s has at a particular time.